Innovative Ways To Increase Retention In Online Classes

paper airplane going out a screenOnline classes generally have two goals. The first is to make sure that learners will get something out of the course. The second is to ensure that the learning experience will make them desire to learn more. The pursuit of learning is oftentimes regarded as something that is necessary but is not always made to be enjoyable. This had always been a classic mistake by educators. The idea of learning because we have to – it should be stopped. It is more important for us to keep an open mind when it comes to education. We need to prioritize the implementation of innovative ideas that will take education to the next level.

Thankfully, the digital age provides us with various tools that will increase the retention of the lessons taught in online classes.

Interactive videos. Use videos to deliver the lesson. You do not have to limit the delivery of lessons and concepts to slides, graphics, and images. Videos are more entertaining and will help boost retention. The combination of images, music, and narration will allow the learners to process information using various senses. This heightens their immersion into the lesson – which translates into a more engaging experience. Of course, videos can sometimes be a passive learning experience – but only if you make the narration seem one-sided. There are many ways you can turn a video into an interactive one. Asking questions or encouraging the learners to act on something will allow you to use the videos in a very interactive manner. Allow them to give feedback, ask them to repeat something or make them search for clues in images – there are many ways that you can use a video and still be interactive at the same time.

Storytelling. It is easier to remember a concept if it is told through a story. A story can make learners feel the appropriate emotion that will help make the concept memorable. Not only that, you can also make it easier for the learners to immerse themselves into whatever they are trying to learn. If you make the characters someone that the learners can relate to, that would even make the online classes memorable. Placing the characters in scenarios that learners are most likely to encounter in real life will also make the story relatable.

Gamification. Another option is to use games. You do not have to incorporate complex games if you do not have the skill or talent to create one. You simply have to create an activity that will encourage the competitive spirit while learning. For instance, you can set up challenges that learners will go through at the end of every lesson. The learners will be scored depending on how they perform, they will be scored and the results will be tallied and added to the scores of previous challenges.

Branching simulations. Apart from games, branching simulations can also be an effective way of improving the retention in online classes. This is more than just storytelling. It is when you create activities that will prompt learners to choose and make decisions while they are progressing into the lesson. This is a great way to help them practice what was taught.

Using these innovative methods will allow learners to maximize the benefits of online classes. Make sure you incorporate one or two of these to help create effective elearning materials.

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