Telephone Support and Consultancy

Participants in our public courses are offered unlimited free telephone support for 3 months following attendance at that training course. If further on-site consultancy is required, this is available at a competitive rate.

Course Notes

Our course notes include the steps for carrying out the exercises introduced during the training, but we also provide additional material for the topics covered during each course, with a detailed contents list. This material is designed to save participants time when they are back at their own office. These procedures make it easy to look up a topic in context, and save the time it can take to track down a topic in a reference manual, even assuming that manuals are conveniently located.

The quality of our course materials has been recognised by other providers of training services. As a result we have been able to market our course notes to several mainland organisations.

Mailing List

We send out emails now and then that offer special sale prices on courses, opportunities to join training classes that rarely run in Tasmania, and news about brand new courses subjects that may be for interest to you.

Just give us a call on (03) 6234 3883 or email us at ‘‘ to let us know if you want join.

Internet Access

The Quill Consultancy maintains an e-mail address at

Help desk questions can be sent to

We also have a web site at

This home page is updated regularly and contains information about the company and the courses that we offer. You can also book courses online and even take the courses online if you wish to.