How NOT To Make Your Online Classes Interactive

thumbs down on keyboardInteractivity is considered to be an important part of online classes. The thing about learning online is that it can be lonely sometimes. Usually, these classes were created so people can learn wherever they wish. That convenience is usually done in the comforts of their home. However, it may be comfortable but it can also be a bit boring.

When students learn the traditional way in a classroom, it will not be boring because of the presence of other learners in the room. Activities can be enjoyed as the number of participants increase. That is not something that can be enjoyed when learning online. This is the reason why online classes take special care to be interactive – to make sure that the learners will not be bored.

While interactivity is important, you also have to make sure not to overdo it. There are certain mistakes that you can do to remove the effectiveness of any interactive elements in your course. Here are mistakes that you can commit while you are creating online courses.

  • Using irrelevant activities. Interactive activities are okay. However, you need to come up with activities that are relevant to your course. Each activity should be done with a purpose in mind. If there is no purpose except to keep the class from being too boring, then you can skip adding another activity. There are other ways to make online classes interactive.
  • Putting too many clicks. Sometimes, making a course interactive is as simple as getting the learner to click buttons here and there. While this is effective, you need to keep them from any redundant clicks like too many drill-down interactions. Make sure each activity has a purpose. A few clicks should be enough to keep the course from being too boring.
  • Relying on the Next Button. There are online classes that require learners to push the “Next Button” to turn every page. There is nothing wrong about this – except when it is the only thing that learners are engaged in. Try to break the monotonous next button activity. Get the learners involved in activities every 3-4 pages or so. That way they will be entertained as they go through the learning process.
  • Changing the location of the buttons. If you think that changing the layout to refresh the visual appeal of the course will do you good, well, that really depends. In case you have to change the layout, try to minimize changing the location of your buttons to. Change the color if you wish but do not make your learners search for the buttons every now and then.
  • Controlling every element of the course. While you need to maintain full control of the course at all times, it is important that you give the reins to the learners. They would want a certain level of control in the learning process. Allow them to make their own choices and that will keep them absorbed in the lesson.

Try not to commit these mistakes in the online classes that you will create so that you can ensure that the interactive elements in the course will be effective. Sometimes, the very activities that are meant to keep the course from being boring might distract the learners from the lesson proper.

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