4 Ways To Get Managers More Involved In Custom Training Programs

custom training with a managerIf you want your custom training programs to work, you have to make sure that you can get the company managers involved. At least, we are referring to the managers of the employees who will participate in the corporate training program.

Managers have a huge influence on their team. Whether it is out of respect or their need to impress the authorities, employees will follow their managers wherever they are being led. This influence is the reason why managers should be involved in the training of their team. It will encourage employees to participate in the program. This is also a great opportunity for managers and their team to get to know each other. After all, they will be working together. The superiors should take part in shaping their team and the best way to do that is through their participation in corporate training programs.

Here are some of the tips that will help managers be more involved in custom training programs.

Involve them from the very beginning. As mentioned, this is a great way for managers to shape the team according to their preference. For this to happen, they have to be involved in the creation of the materials that will be used in the online course. Managers are the best people to dictate what the employees need. They also know the foundation that existing employees have. If you want to get to know the learners of the online course, they are the best source of information.

Use them as a source of employee feedback. Since they work closely with their team, you can get direct feedback from them when it comes to the expectations of the employees. It also works the other way around. They can also provide constructive criticism for the learners as they observe how each perform during the training program. The personalized feedback could make the learning process more efficient and effective.

Create a training contract. This is a great way to ensure that the employees will really participate and implement what they learned. The manager can include this in their annual appraisal of every employee. This will increase the motivation of employees and make the custom training program more valuable. It will also help make the learners more accountable for what they will learn. It will ensure that the training will not be put to waste.

Give them an active online presence. Finally, you should give them enough reason to be active online. Since social media is already connecting family and friends, this can be a great tool to use in training. You can connect managers with their team without things appearing too stiff or formal. Some managers do not interact with their team online unless it is work related. This is a great way for them to start without making everything so serious. This will allow them to strengthen their bond with the team and this will hopefully help them work together harmoniously.

Consider all of these when you are creating your custom training programs. The manager will be a great part of the team so do not hesitate to include them in all your training plans.

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